The ‘Mood’ Food – Healthy Junk


Food is the one basic necessity we cannot survive without. We belong to a time where techniques like Molecular Gastronomy have been introduced and food is available in more variations than we can think of. Thanks to this, indulging in Munchies should no longer be accompanied by a Guilt Trip. 

A lot of studies blame Junk Food for not being good for our bodies. Thus, we decided to come up with a list of some few eatables that you can binge on freely. Read More

Cheers! Meet Drinky, The Drinking Robot.

Now you will never have to drink alone again.

So, it’s Wednesday and weekend’s a couple of days away. You wanted to have a few drinks. You call around to see who’s free, but everyone’s busy. So you end up drinking alone.

But an empty space at the table ain’t fun.

Fortunately, there’s a chance you might not ever have to again, if Robot Drinky, the alcohol-drinking robot has anything to say about it.

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Cheat Day For The Healthy One’s

Congratulations on your new healthy diet. You have cut carbs and you believe that everyone should know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables, but we really wish you would stop talking about it all the time.

Food rules, the way to enter a man’s heart is through his stomach only, little rivals the pleasure of tearing into that mouth watering lasagna. Conversely, nothing murders the moment faster that watching some dude dismantle their own lasagna, peel off the melted cheese, blow off the ketchup explaining loudly to ll gathered that today he needs to go for…

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Scissor Techie – A Guide To The Best Kitchen Tools !


Dinner is served. The scrumptious spread smells divine and is definitely a treat for the eyes. As all your guests are complimenting you on your fine culinary skills, you are lost in your own train of thought. You wish of having a perfect kitchen where cooking this succulent dinner would have been relatively easier.

Cooking is an Art, and like every art form it requires imagination along with precision. Luckily for us a lot of people researched on, and invented kitchen tools to make this…

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Grotta Palazzese – Restaurant Inside A Cave

Is dining inside a cave on your bucket list? If so, on your next trip to Italy you must visit Grotta Palazzese, an enchanted cave restaurant in Italy facing the Adriatic Sea.

The seaside restaurant has the most unique dining experience. Located in the city of  “Polignano a Mare” in the southern part of the country.

Carved from the cliff face’s limestone the restaurant juts out 74 feet above sea level, allowing diners to watch the waves lap the shores just beneath them.

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Foods You Never Knew Had Sugar In Them


Cutting back on sugar seems to be the most sought after advice given to any person on a diet. By banning candy, soda , and cake from your diet you may think you’re in the safe zone. But, on an average a person consumes as much as 20 teaspoons of sweetener per day, which is a huge amount of empty calories, and can lead to weight gain and put you at a risk for various diseases. So, the question is How do you make sure that you…

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This Summer ‘Chug it’.

In the busy Club Road of Punjabi Bagh, with neon signs clamoring for attention, it’s not easy for signage’s to stand out. Yet café Chug It was easy to be spotted. Located in the heart of Club Road, it promises a great lounging experiences  to win the heart and soul of the critical and nit-picking Delhiwalas.


The placid and vibrant ambience will caress you to strip off all your stress and enjoy the scrumptious dishes and yummy drinks in a relaxed environment. The bar at the centre made it…

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10 Perfect Midnight Snacks

The hallmark of a good night time snack is a food that will help fulfill a nagging craving while at the same time help you unwind and get ready for bed.

We’ve all been there: It’s late, we’re hungry, and the drive-through window is beckoning.

But before you grab the keys (or call for delivery) check out this list of less food-coma inducing late-night fare. It may require a little more work than swinging through a fast food joint, but the payoff is the seriously delicious satisfaction of knowing you’re feeding yourself well plays a critical role in the quality and…

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