About Us

Welcome to The Talk Studio!

The idea of The Talk Studio was born out of our love and passion for costume jewelery.

As we grew with your love and support, we felt the need to branch out and career to the demands of our ever growing clientèle.

We constantly work on building our ideas into reality where our effort is to bring the world of lifestyle, culture and fashion together. The Talk Studio aims to translate inspiration into eternal creations that are a tribute to the soul of art.

We are here to give you our tour experience of Invite only and exclusive Paid Events and Previews that only a limited audience has access to, the idea is to let people know what makes these events a real time experience.

In a world consumed in consumerism and brands, we crave for substance. Taking inspiration from art, culture and vibrant festivals, The Talk Studio also offers a wide range of merchandise based on these 5 categories that will enrich your knowledge, home and wardrobe with bespoke, exclusive designs that are not only stunning but also have a story behind them.

The Talk Studio is an umbrella under which we have 5 sub categories that constitute the brand.

  1. Fashion

  2. Lifestyle

  3. Design

  4. Entertainment

  5. Workshop

We as a team here, understand and value the importance of learning and perfecting skills.

We are constantly working on creating a conducive environment and modules that promotes creativity and originality, we plan to offer various one day workshops that are as useful as well as fun!

We are working on building an expert team where Industry Professionals can come and guide you through their experience and motivate you to bring your interest to life.

The Talk Studio as an innovative blog is an attempt to cater to the diverse needs of India’s Fashion and Lifestyle Industry where creativity is the vehicle and imagination is the fuel.

Love: The Bak-Bak Team