The Art of Zwel Art


‘If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else.’ – Jada Pinkett Smith.

Zwel Art is a well established international jewelry  brand that has changed the world of jewelry as we know it. Their designs are inspired by novelty and a thirst to cater to the existing demands of society. They are pioneers in manufacturing Ethnic and Contemporary Jewelry.

Their intricate knowledge of design and aesthetics comes from their rich heritage in jewelry design. Add to this, a skilled and exemplary team of dedicated designers and artisans and you’ll get a sneak peek into the foundation of this brand. They showcase an avant garde collection that’ll make your eyes glitter and your heart leap.

This brand does not shy away from using the rawest of materials only to convert them into shiny baubles. Their variety ranges from exotic beads, metal chains to gem stones, semi-precious stones, kundan, foil, pearls etc.  Their TRP lies in the fact that they discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen all over the country , and then deliver them to their clientele at competitive prices.

The venture ‘Zwel Art‘ is the result of a family’s shared love and passion for jewelry and its intricacies. The New Delhi based owners, Pooja Ahluwalia and Nakul Ahluwalia along with their partner Ramnik Kaur are immensely talented. The trio are constantly and consistently working on bringing something new to the table. Going by their insistence to provide hundred percent customer satisfaction and their exceptional product demand overseas, they are definitely a huge success already.

ZwelArt has already seen the showcase of its first collection in Delhi. Their debut in the Delhi circle was not only a smashing success but is also what inspired them to make a comeback. Their Second Edition previews their brand new collection and is coming to town


October 5, 2016 

The Grand Hotel, New Delhi

11:00 AM – 07:00 PM.

You need to visit them not only for their wide collection of neck pieces and earrings (in semi precious stones and costume jewelry), but also for their stunning customised ethnic pieces. The ‘Element of Surprise’ being their forte, assures that, you will bedazzle everyone this festive season with your shopping of their exclusive pieces.

Their creations are bound to leave you astounded and you will for sure covet your glittering purchases. Rest assured, you will leave with your shopping bags full but also with your heart longing to go back and get some more of that electrifying and sensational Zwel Art.

Hope to see you all there !

Written By –

Mallika Madan