E-Cigarettes Are Not Helping Us Quit

You all must have read our previous Blog on Vaping.

In the end we asked you whether E-Cigarettes Are Not Helping Us Quit?

Lets Find Out


When they came out, the marketing campaigns were pretty clear; e-cigarettes are going to help smokers cut down. Whether electronic sticks or vaping devices, they have been marketed as the kind of device that will not only reduce the intake of harmful toxins by smokers, but will also give them the ability to regulate their own nicotine intake.


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Khadi Fabric : The Latest Sustainable Fashion

The fabric khadi which carried the tag of Swadeshi (country made goods) in the 1920’s has got an improbable metamorphosis into the sought after fabric which is being elevated to the ranks of high street fashion by blending textures, patterns, and silhouettes to create garments with effortless style and global appeal.


We usually are bewildered with the difference between khadi and handloom  which has a thin line of dissimilarity .

While both Khadi and Handloom are handmade, there is a very crucial difference between the two.

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