The ‘Mood’ Food – Healthy Junk


Food is the one basic necessity we cannot survive without. We belong to a time where techniques like Molecular Gastronomy have been introduced and food is available in more variations than we can think of. Thanks to this, indulging in Munchies should no longer be accompanied by a Guilt Trip. 

A lot of studies blame Junk Food for not being good for our bodies. Thus, we decided to come up with a list of some few eatables that you can binge on freely.


Replace your regular flavours of potato chips with Plain Salted Potato Chips. Try to avoid anything with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or Trans Fats. These generally accelerate weight gain and are not good for health if their portion size is not controlled. Also corn is a good alternative and has less saturated fats depending upon the flavour one chooses.

The Talk Studio recommends : Lays Salted Chips. The Indian Lays claim to have No MSG, Negligible Trans Fats and are also 100 % Vegetarian according to their website and Nutritional Value Chart.

One may also try Salted Popcorn that can be made at home or bought fresh from a vendor. The kernels when popped fresh and salted carry less fats and are also known to be a healthy munching snack.



A little chocolate is very good for the soul and equally healthy for the body and mind. However, moderation is the key here. One does not need to restrict oneself to Dark Chocolate only, there are various other chocolates that have less fat and are equally delicious.

The Talk Studio recommends : Snickers Chocolate Bar. In most researches, Snickers turned out to be the chocolate with the lowest fat content and lowest carbohydrates. Another good thing, it contains peanuts and we all are very well aware of the fact that nuts are good for our bodies. Snickers has 506 Calories, 9.5 g Protein, 55.4 g Carbohydrates and 27.4 g Fat.

However, if Nuts are not your thing, you could go in for Cadbury Gems. These bite sized chocolates are yummy and satisfy cravings easily. Cadbury Gems have 390 Calories, 4.8 g Protein, 64.4 g Carbohydrates and 13.4 g Fat.

*Amount per serving may vary according to country. Check Nutritional Chart before purchasing.


Ice Cream

It may just be one of the yummiest desserts on a hot summer day. However, it contains lots of sugar and is extremely unhealthy. Try opting for a flavour packed with berries or other natural fruits. Mostly packaged ice creams contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners and fruit flavours. Hence, it is advised to go for All Natural Ice Creams instead.

The Talk Studio recommends ‘Frokoyo’. This is an Ice Cream Parlour located at Baani Square Mall in Gurgaon. It brings the yummiest twist to the concept of Ice Creams. You can choose your own healthy ingredients which will then be turned into delectable Ice Cream Rolls. They also have a wide variety of other Natural Ingredients. This customized Ice Cream is a must try, specially in this heat.



Cookies are mostly just baked sugar in disguise. While there are aisles full of different types of these treats, most are not your body’s best friends. If you want to binge and still be healthy, opt for Digestive Cookies. Digestives were first introduced properly in the UK. They are known to be made of a Rising Agent, Whole Wheat Flour, Wheat Bran, Sugar and Salt. They make for a great source of Fiber and Whole Grains and also have Prebiotic Properties that help in digestion..

The Talk Studio recommends Britannia Nutri Digestive Biscuits or Parle’s Simply Good Digestives. These cookies are not only crisp but they also have a slight crumble that is a mark of a good digestive biscuit. You can get them easily from your nearest departmental stores.


Canned Juices/ Shakes

Canned Juices and Shakes are extremely unhealthy and rarely nutritious. If you swear by fruit juices or regular shakes, you might not like what is written behind these packaged drinks. The next time you are about to buy one of these, make sure you go through its Nutritional Value Chart first. Not to worry though because there is a great alternative to this. Try opting for fresh fruit juices or shakes that are high in nutrients.

The Talk Studio recommends TBH (To Be Healthy). They make their products absolutely fresh and as per your requirements and then, to top that off they also deliver. One may choose not only from a variety of cleanse, relish, nourish or detox juices but also from a small but significant variety of puddings and milk flavours. Here are the names of a few of their products to give you an idea of what you can expect. They serve Chia Pudding, Almond Milk and Classic Mandarin Orange Juice to name a few.


If such yummy food can be included in our lifestyles, it will actually be quite easy and will also open a genuine possibility for us to switch to a healthy lifestyle. These types of foods can subside our cravings and also fill our stomachs. After all it is always the tiny little changes that matter the most.

If you would like to read more on this topic, do keep watching this space.

Written By : Mallika Madan