Luxury Beauty Hacks – Facial Bombs


Once you’re done throwing colour and water bombs at each other on Holi, the time will come to start re-nourishing your skin.

This Holi, ‘The Talk Studio’ presents ways on how to pamper and rejuvenate your skin with the top luxury treatments available in the market. These treatments are definitely not ordinary or inexpensive but they are sure to make you feel sexier and more confident once you’re done.


Description :

Photo-facial is a cosmetology procedure that targets pigmentation and reduces the red spots on the patient’s skin. This type of procedure generally encourages the stimulation of collagen in the skin resulting in a healthier looking, glowing skin.

Technology Used :

It uses a technology called Broadband Light (BBL). Broadband Light uses a wide range of light wavelengths that have interchangeable light filters that penetrate through the multiple layers of skin and achieve the desired effect.

Time :

Each Photo-Facial session may last up to sixty minutes. Generally three to five photo facial sessions (With approx. three weeks gap between each session) may be needed. This is subject to each individual.

Target Areas :

This type of procedure typically targets skin conditions like hyper pigmentation, age spots, excessive sun-damage, wrinkles, broken capillaries, acne, brown spots, birth marks and other signs of aging etc.

Preparation :

The patient will be required to present clean, washed skin. They should ensure to remove all their sunblock, face cream and makeup before the procedure begins. This is important as the active ingredients of these products may react to the photo –facial and end up causing a reaction.

The patient may be allowed to shave 7-8 hours before the procedure begins. The patient is advised to consult their cosmetology consultant for more information. This is the point where the consultant should provide the patient with eye shields and also apply a cooling gel on their skin to reduce any discomfort during the procedure.

Treatment Procedure :

Once the patient is prepped and ready, the certified cosmetology doctor would start the procedure by using the hand held BBL Sciton Device on the targeted area.

This device acts in a way that it releases a burst of bright light into the patient’s skin that penetrates through its multiple layers and is then absorbed by the body’s vessels. This is done without causing any damage to the patient’s skin.

Benefits :

This kind of treatment, compared to others in the market, is considered relatively quick and painless. The patient may notice that their skin’s elasticity, texture and tone have improved significantly and almost immediately.

The collagen burst also helps in the patient ending up getting a renewed healthy skin. It takes up to 15 days for the procedure to show its full effect.

Side Effects :

The patient might experience sensitivity and a mild redness post procedure. This is common and may last for a day at least.

Post Treatment Care :

Once the procedure is completed, patients are generally advised to avoid direct sun exposure, sauna and any hot water baths or showers for a certain time. It is only temporary and one need not panic.

Precautions :

Avoiding the sun is very important. Avoid tanning beds for atleast 4-6 weeks before the procedure. Using sunscreen before and after the procedure is very important too.



  • The patient should ensure that their doctor is updated with their medical history, allergy information and any hormonal conditions.
  • The procedure should be started only after the patient has gotten all the required tests done (ex.Blood, Urine etc.).
  • Ensuring that the clinic is hygienic and meets all regulations and standards of safety and hygiene is also important.
  • Please make sure that the doctor is certified, registered and reputed.
  • Prior to the procedure, gather all the information of the same and do not shy away from asking or informing your doctor of any questions or doubts you may be having. Similarly, the patient must explain to their doctor what they are expecting post treatment.
  • Getting a reality check is very important and prevents these cosmetology procedures into turning to psychological nightmares. Go ahead only once you are completely satisfied.
  • The patient may also take their photos before and after the procedure is completed for comparison purposes.

*There are various other kinds of Photo Facials available in the market. IPL Photo Facial, LED Photo Facial etc. being a few examples. BBL Photo Facial seems to be the least painful and hence our team opted to write about it. However, You must do your research and select which kind of treatment you’d be most comfortable with. before planning anything further.

‘The Talk Studio’ does not promote or endorse any treatment. Each treatment is subject to the individual and may not suit all skin types. All pictures used are for referential purposes only. Do not go ahead without consulting the right doctor.

Keep watching this space for more luxury hacks, coming soon.

Happy Holi

Written By : Mallika Madan